Development of Anti-Lung Cancer Peptide Drug

Invention Description
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. There were 1.76 million lung cancer-related mortalities and 2.09 million new cases in 2019 (WHO statistics). Recent exciting advances in lung cancer treatment have allowed us to target several genetic alterations including EGFR, ALK and ROS1 for therapy and PD-L1 for immunotherapy. However, as most lung cancer patients do not harbor these mutations and lack PD-L1 expression, treatment is often limited to cytotoxic chemotherapy. For patients who respond well to immunotherapy, targeted therapy or even chemotherapy, maintenance therapy and prevention of recurrence are major issues. One of the critical unmet medical needs in the fight against lung cancer is safe maintenance therapy drugs. Current first-line chemotherapy drugs for lung cancer maintenance therapy include Pemetrexed (Alimta) and gemcitabine (Gemzar). However, the downside is their toxicity.
The term have identified an 8-amino acid peptide drug (LT-peptide) which effectively inhibits growth and invasive capability of various lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells, but does not repress growth of human bronchial epithelial cells Beas2B, human embryonic lung fibroblasts MRC5, or HUVECs.  LT-peptide has also been found to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis in xenograft models.  Importantly, when LT-peptide is used in combination with cisplatin, the first-line chemotherapy drug in lung cancer, it reduces cisplatin-induced toxicity and increases animal survival. In addition to wild-type p53 and kRas, LT-peptide also functions in lung cancer cells which carry mutations in p53 and kRas genes.

Competitive Advantages

1. The small LT-peptide inhibits both growth and invasive capability, meaning it has the potential to limit tumors to local disease.

2. The peptide can be used in combination with first-line therapy drugs, as well as in maintenance therapy.

Intellectual Property
PCT application filed for LT-peptide and its derivatives in 2017.

Business Opportunity
Licensing, Co-development

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