Customizable Particles to Enhance the Immunogenicity of Peptide-based T Cell Vaccines

Invention Description

Peptide-based T cell vaccines have attracted wide interest because they can stimulate desired epitope-specific T cell immunity against particular antigens, consequently avoiding allergenic and/or reactogenic sequences.  However, peptides alone are usually not immunogenic, and tend to cause immunological tolerance.
To engineer the induction of highly targeted immune responses, the team provides a nanoparticle hydrophobic/peptide based-vaccine platform, which revealed an excellent immunogenicity to induce the high CD8 cell response as well as reduced the reactogenic effect of adjuvants. 
To demonstrate the great antigen-specific T cell responses provided by this platform, the team utilized targeting conserved epitopes of the influenza internal proteins that bear the potential to prevent a wide range of influenza virus strains; as well as designed a novel biocompatible hollow nanoparticle that co-encapsulates T cell epitope peptides and olginodeoxynucleotide (TLR-9 agonist) and an appropriate immunization strategies to evaluate its protectivity against influenza viruses in mice.  As result, the team approved this novel nanoparticle-based peptide vaccine adjuvanted with CpG stimulated robust antigen-specific CD4 and CD8 T cell immunity, but only caused minimal systemic inflammatory adverse effects compared with crude mixture of peptides and CpG. 

Competitive Advantages
The provided nanoparticle hydrophobic/peptide based-vaccine platform is an ideal customizable T cell vaccine platform and revels the advantages as described below.

1. Improve immunogenicity
2. Reduce reactogenic adverse effect
3. Precise multivalent immune potentiation
4. Material safety
5. Ease of manufacturing
6. Broad Platform Applicability: infections disease, neoantigen vaccine for precision medicine

Intellectual Property

1. Polymeric Nanoparticle: PCT filed in 2017
2. Universal peptide modification strategy: Patent submission in progress

Business Opportunity
Licensing, Co-development, Investment, Others (Scale-up for non-GLP and GLP study)

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