Development of Antibody Drug AP001 against a Novel Tumor Marker Protein AP for Human Cancer Treatment

Invention Description
We have developed an antibody drug, AP001, which targets a novel tumor marker protein AP. By targeting protein AP, AP001 can inhibit colorectal cancer growth, proliferation, and metastasis in vitro and in vivo. AP001 can also inhibit angiogenesis without affecting wound healing, which is a major side effect of bevacizumab. Currently, we have humanized AP001 and performed proof-of-concept studies. Our next step is to optimize the antibody, and to do early-PK assessment. In the meantime, we are actively looking for collaborators and licensing opportunity.

Competitive Advantages
Bevacizumab is the antibody drug combined with chemotherapy for colorectal cancer at the first- and second-line treatment. However, the survival and response rate of mCRC are still unsatisfactory. In addition, bevacizumab could cause many unbearable side effect, such as gastrointestinal perforation, surgery/wound healing complication hemorrhage. We found that AP001 can inhibit angiogenesis, without significant toxicity and without wound healing interference side effect in animal study when comparing AP001 with bevacizumab. Besides, AP001 is a humanized IgG antibody which can reduce immunogenicity for clinical drug development. The above mentioned suggest that AP001 is a potential therapeutic agent for mCRC and protein AP-related tumorigenesis.

Intellectual Property
1. Applied for US Provisional Patent in 2017
2. Applied for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 2018/10

Key Publications
Manuscript ongoing

Business Opportunity
Licensing, Co-development, Investment

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