A New Combinational Treatment Method of TMG/DMG with Ketamine for Psychiatric Disorders

Invention Description
TMG/DMG are deemed generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Our team found that both compounds are NMDA receptor partial agonists and TMG/DMG pretreatment could enhance the antidepressant effect, while decrease the psychotomimetic effect of ketamine in mice and reduce the motivation to self-administer ketamine in rat intravenous self-administration progressive ratio procedure. Repeated treatment TMG/DMG with ketamine could abolish the persistent psychotypical behavior and memory defects. A better safety profile of ketamine in combination with TMG/DMG was revealed.

Competitive Advantages
Combination use of TMG/DMG and ketamine can potentially help resolve the safety concern of ketamine use in psychiatric disorders. Combination use of TMG/DMG and ketamine for treatment-resistant depression can reduce overall costs compared to esketamine nasal spray. TMG/DMG and ketamine can develop a combination formula with lower abuse liability, which can be dispensed directly to patients for home use.

Intellectual Property
1. Taiwan patent: I648049
2. International Publication Number (WO2017205666A1)
3. Application of US, EP, CN, CA, JPN, IL

Key Publications
1. Lin et al. 2016. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 71(3):7-13
2. Lin et al. 2016. Psychopharmacology 233(17):3223-35

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