The Stem Cell Sheet for Neurovascular Reconstruction

Invention Description
We first construct the cell sheet composed of human neural stem cells, endothelial cells, and extracellular matrix, which are committed to generating neurovascular networks. Such novel building blocks have been applied to animal models of surgical brain trauma and spinal nerve injuries. Improvements in neurological assessments and histological evidence of regenerating functional neurovascular tissue have been demonstrated. We are applying these novel techniques to spinal cord injury and stroke.

Competitive Advantages
1. Directly targeting the lesions for transplantation, not via peripheral blood circulation, avoiding the influence of the blood-brain barrier;
2. Cell sheet transplantation avoids damage to brain tissue caused by acupuncture while injecting cells;
3. Extracellular matrix in the cell sheet provides bio-scaffold and essentials for tissue reconstruction.

Key Publication
1. Chung-Hsing Chou & Michel Modo (2020, May). Characterization of gene expression changes in human neural stem cells and endothelial cells modeling a neurovascular microenvironment. Brain Res Bull. 2020 May;158:9-19.
2. Chung-Hsing Chou & Michel Modo (2016, Jul). Human neural stem cell induced endothelial morphogenesis requires autocrine/paracrine and juxtacrine signaling. Scientific Reports, 6:29029.

Intellectual Property
US 10,537,664 B2 (2020) TW I617665 (2018) TW I568849 (2017)
Ongoing Application
US 16/705,314 & 16/705,344 (DIV of 14/826,927)

Business Opportunity
License and/or Sponsored Research

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