A Needle Electrode for Electroporation

Project Description
Our prototype is an apparatus for delivery of an agent.  Particularly, the prototype pertains to an apparatus with concentric-type needle electrodes & arrays for agent delivery to a predetermined tissue.  The efficacy of genomic medicine depends on gene transfer efficiency.  In this area, electroporation has been found to be a highly promising method for physical gene transfer.  However, electroporation raises issues related to electrical safety, tissue damage, and the number of required wounds.   Concentric-type needle electrodes seek to address these issues by using a lower bias, a single wound, fewer processing steps, and a smaller working area (≈ 10 mm3), thus offering greater accuracy and precision.  Moreover, the needle can be arrayed to simultaneously treat several target regions.  Our prototype proposes a novel method using concentric-type needle electrodes to improve the efficacy of genomic medicine in terms of electrical safety, human factor, and usability engineering.  In other words, our technology is superior to other existing commercial products in precision positioning therapy, array therapy, and effective reduction of wound number, tissue damage, and operation steps.

Intellectual Property
PCT patent application is pending

Key Publications

1. Y. Kung, A. Lihachev, S. S?atkauskas, K. Lan, W.S. Chen. Electroporation by hand-made concentric -type needle electrodes and arrays. The 2nd World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Technologies in Biology, Medicine, Food & Environmental Technologies.

2. Y. Kung, A. Lihachev, S. S?atkauskas, K.L. Lan, W.S. Chen. 2017. Electroporation by concentric-type needle electrodes and arrays. Bioelectrochemistry, 118: 31-37.

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