High-Yielding CHO Expression System

Project Description

  • The CHO-C platform is an engineered CHO-DXB11 mammalian cell expression system for the easy selection and scale up of clones producing high yields of mAbs.
  • The CHO-C platform is including the freedom-to-operate vector, GMP-grade MCB of CHO-C cell line, process development, optimized feeding strategies.
  • We’re providing cell line development service and it’s also available for out-licensing.

Intellectual Property

  • Targeted integration sites in chinese hamster ovary cell genome (PCT/US17/67283; TW 106144892)
  • Engineered cell for enhanced production of recombinant protein and uses thereof (US provisional 62/610,684)
  • Host cells with enhanced protein expression efficiency and uses thereof (US provisional 62/610,918)

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