High Yielding CHO Cell and Microbial Expression System

Invention Description

1. High Yielding CHO Cell Expression System

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line is the major host cell for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical biologics. The proprietary CHO cell line with intellectual property is highly required in the biotech companies for biologics product production. We developed a high yield CHO cell expression system, named CHO-C platform, including a proprietary CHO cell line and proprietary expression plasmids. The mAb productivity in CHO-C platform was about 1.5-2 fold better than that in CHO-S/pCHO1.0 system. The stability of CHO-C cell can be maintained over 120 generations. In addition, the quality of mAb produced from CHO-C cells was comparable to benchmark control. Altogether, the CHO-C platform is a competitive and valuable mammalian expression system for biologics production.

2. Microbial Secretion Expression Technology

The microbial secretion expression technologies are included Escherichia coli expression system and Pichia pastoris expression system. The interest protein can be express and secretion into the medium and ~100 mg/L Fab antibody can be achieve in E. coli 5L fermenter and 1.7g/L scFv in 5L fermenter P. Pastoris production system.


Competitive Advantages

1. High Yielding CHO Cell Expression System

  • High production titer and stability

  • cGMP master cell bank with one time license fee

  • Services of cell line development and process development are supported

2. Microbial Secretion Expression Technology

  • Plasmids contraction tool-box

  • High production titer

  • Fermentation parameter optimization strategy with 8 parallel mini-fermentor

Intellectual Property

1. High Yielding CHO Cell Expression System

  • TW: 107134366

  • PCT: PCT/US2018/053667

  • US Provisional: 16/147,741

  • TW: 106144892

  • PCT: PCT/US2017/067283

  • US Provisional: 62/785,685

  • US Provisional: 62/784,497

Business Opportunity

Licensing, Co-development

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