CpG-2722 for Combinational Cancer Immunotherapy

用於聯合癌症免疫治療的 CpG-2722


CpG-2722 is a CpG-oligodeoxynucleotide (CpG-ODN) with good immunostimulatory properties for using in combinational cancer therapies.

CpG-2722 是一種 CpG-寡脫氧核苷酸 (CpG-ODN),具有良好的用於聯合癌症治療的免疫刺激特性。

BMCC Targeted indication

Cancer immunotherapy

BMCC Status

Pre-clinical studies

BMCC Key features
  •  CpG-2722 has good immunostimulatory in different species including human, mouse, fish, chicken and duck.
  •  CpG-2722 has good activity in induction of inflammatory cytokines, IL-12 and interferons.
  •  CpG-2722 can be synthesized automatically with machine, therefore the cost for its production is low.
  •  CpG-2722 generates cooperative effect when combines with other cancer therapy drugs such as immune checkpoint inhibitor.Thus, can increase the therapeutic effect of immune checkpoint blockade with a low cost.
BMCC Market

Although cancer immunotherapy with immune checkpoint blockade is a major achievement in fighting cancer, the efficacy of this treatment is still limited. The response rate of solid tumor patient to this treatment is only 20–30%.

Therefore, there is market for any strategy and agent that can improve the efficacy of therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitor for cancers.


CpG-2722 tune up tumor microenvironment to facilitate the antitumor action of immune checkpoint blockade.

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CpG-2722 activatesTLR9 to induce immune responses including cytokine productions, accumulation of M1 macrophages, and CD8 cytotoxic T-cell in the tumor microenvironment. Immune checkpoint inhibitor, anti-PD-1 releases the brake of the T-cell activation. These effects resulted from the combination of CpG-2722 and anti-PD-1 generating a more effective tumor killing.


in vitro efficacy

CpG-2722 has potent activity in human peripheral blood mononuclear cell to induce expression of inflammatory cytokines including TNF-¸IL-1, IL-6, IL-12B, IFN- as the B type CpG-ODN, it is also able to activate the expression of type I IFNs, IFN2 and IFN- like a type A CpG-ODN.

in vivo efficacy

In syngeneic orthotopic head and neck cancer animal model, treartment alone with CpG-2722 or anti-PD-1 suppresses tumor growth. Combination of CpG-2722 and anti-PD-1 results in a more effective suppression of the tumor growth than the treatment with these two agents alone. 

Safety pharmacology and general toxicology

CpG-ODN has been approved for use as adjuvant in human vaccines. CpG-2722, basically like other CpG-ODNs, is a synthetic phosphothiolated deoxyoligonucleotides. Therefore, it is expected that CpG-2722 is likely to have a good biosafety profile as other CpG-ODNs. However, because the CpG-2722 has different nucleotide sequences and different immunostimulatory activity from other CpG-ODNs, it is still required to follow the relevant government regulations to test the CpG-2722 and approved by the government agency before conducting clinical trials.

Pharmaceutical development

CpG-2722 has good water solubility. In this study, it is administrated by intratumor injection.


Taiwan Patent: I653240
US patent: US 10246715
Under application:
Taiwan: TW 110105069
US: US 17/171,718
China: CN109593765


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